Let’s come together as a Community!

Dear community,

All of us at Kaiut Yoga are working to provide loving care and support for all of our students, teachers, and event participants. We understand that many of you are experiencing losses or encountering the anxieties that come along with these trying times. 

At this time, the safest and most responsible thing is to stay at home and care for yourselves and your loved ones.  As humans, we are social creatures, so naturally being distant from communities, friends and family could have a detrimental effect on all of us. At Kaiut Yoga, we are committed to promoting a sense of community and togetherness for our Kaiut family of practitioners. Yoga is needed now more than ever. For, that very reason, we are launching online classes with Francisco Kaiut NOW to keep you moving, evolving, and healthy through this regenerative resource we call yoga. 

We are very excited to officially invite all of you to take an active part in our Online Community. Let’s take this time of solitude to dive deeper into the practice of yoga. 

How does it work?

Francisco Kaiut will teach all official Kaiut Yoga classes via two private Facebook groups (one group for Portuguese speakers and another for English speakers). Francisco will teach 6 classes a week from Monday – Saturday. Each class will be taught live and then archived for later viewing within the Facebook Group. Francisco and Kaiut Yoga suggest participating live to take advantage of the experience.  Participating in the class in real-time promotes a sense of community and togetherness for us all.

Francisco will go live daily at 3:00 PM BRT (every day except Sundays) to teach to the English speaking population within the Kaiut Yoga International – Students Facebook Group. As previously mentioned, if you miss the live class you can view it again at your convenience, throughout the week. Francisco will also be going live at 9:30 AM BRT to teach for all Portuguese speakers within a separate Facebook Group. 

How you can get access to the Facebook group

All Kaiut Yoga School students with memberships in the United States or Brazil will have free access to this program. If this is you, click here and request access. You will be approved shortly after your request. 

If you’re not currently a member at a Kaiut Yoga School and still would like to practice, you’re in luck!  We can grant anyone access to the online classes with the purchase of a 3-week pack of classes. 

18 classes over 3 weeks, all taught by the creator of the method Francisco Kaiut. (click here and get your online class pack now!)

A quick reminder

The classes are taught in a general and objective language for all participants. It is not required to have practiced the method before. 

We have encouraged our Kaiut Yoga Schools who can offer online classes to continue. As Kaiut Yoga teachers, they have a deep understanding of the unique and individual needs of their student members. This knowledge assists in the quality and pace of the progression they’ve created for their communities.

If you are a member at a Kaiut Yoga school we recommend continuing practice with your teacher and participating in the Francisco classes. Please contact your school and confirm their online class availability. 

Current members request access now

Non members purchase your online class pack


  • Should I keep practicing Kaiut Yoga from home?

Yes, regardless of whether our schools are closed, we believe that continuing to practice Kaiut Yoga is a way to stay healthy during this period of limited social contact. However, we advise our students to practice conservatively, not exploring intense sensations during the practice. 

  • What kind of material will I need to attend classes?

The materials are those already traditionally used in classes and can be replaced by home items: the mat can be a rug in your home, the bolster can be a pillow and the strap can be exchanged for a belt. We advise you to always be close to a wall for positions that need support. On Sunday (March 22), Francisco Kaiut will give a free, live lecture explaining the details of how the classes work.

  • Will classes be made available daily?

Yes, classes take place from Monday to Saturday, the first pack will last three weeks starting March 23rd, with 6 lessons per week for a total of 18 lessons. The classes in Portuguese will be at 9:30 AM Brazilian time (UTC + 3) and the classes in English will be at 3:00 PM Brazil time (UTC + 3) each class will last one hour.

  • Will classes be broadcast on Facebook?

Yes, classes will be streamed live on a private group on Facebook, one group for classes in Portuguese and another for classes in English. The Facebook live streams and recording can be viewed on many devices including iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, and Mac.

  • Who can participate?

All active members at our Kaiut Yoga schools have guaranteed access for free. For other students, we offer the sale of the pack on our website, both for classes in Portuguese and in English.

  • In open schools, can students choose whether to take classes online or in person?

We advise that all schools remain closed, without offering face-to-face classes at the moment. If the situation changes, students can enjoy face-to-face classes and online classes without restrictions.

  • If I am an inactive student at a Kaiut Yoga school?

Inactive students can reinstate their memberships with their originating school or can purchase the 3-week class pack through kaiutyoga.com

  • Will the classes be live or will they be recorded so that members can access at the most convenient times?

All classes will be broadcast live from Monday to Saturday. Each class will be recorded and viewable within the Facebook group for a week, so members can watch again or watch at other times.

  • Do students of training courses and workshops have to buy the program?

Online classes are exclusive for active school students and for those who purchase the pack on the website, students from courses, workshops and events are not included unless they purchase the class pack online.

From all of us at Kaiut Yoga, we continue to wish all the best for you and yours. Hope to see you on the mat as we take Kaiut Yoga online.

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