Why is the Kaiut Yoga method different?

Teacher Joyce Rzeznik tells how the Kaiut Yoga method helps to recover the movement and function of each body joint

What makes the Kaiut Yoga method so special? The answer depends on each student and teacher. Each individual has a different experience with the method and the benefits the practice brings to their lives.

For teacher Joyce Rzeznik, respecting the boundaries of each joint in the body is the key differentiator of the Kaiut Yoga method. Joyce discovered the method as a student in 2007, took a training course in 2011, and has been a Kaiut Yoga teacher since 2013. She believes that the Kaiut Yoga method’s focus on restoring body function is among the main benefits a student can find through practicing Kaiut Yoga.

“I think the method itself is our great differentiator. In our method we are concerned with function much more than form. Therefore, in our class sequences the classic yoga positions are presented in a different format, always safely, while seeking to recover the function of each body joint. In body maps the energy channels all end in the joints,” she explains.

Kaiut Yoga classes are focused on the needs of each student. Each body has its own characteristics, so the positions are always taught with respect for each individual. The connection between mind and body is what allows recovery to happen in the best way possible.

“The recovery of joint mobility and the broadening of the range of ability, the quietness and reassurance of the teaching, and the integration of the fundamental health of body and mind into the positions are certainly the greatest benefits we can deliver to our students,” says Joyce.

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