What are the origins of the Kaiut method?

State of presence is defined by the ability to be in the present moment, to leave anxiety and the anticipation of the future to live in the now. These fundamental precepts of yoga are also very present in the Kaiut method. But what sets the Kaiut Yoga method apart is that it was designed for current people, the modern human who lives a very specialized and production based lifestyle. This method focuses on the modern human being and the reoccurring problems manifested in the body.

How did the Kaiut method start?

Founded by Francisco Kaiut, the methodology contemplates the evolution of the history of yoga, from the beginning in 200 B.C to the present day. The goal of this yoga method is to diminish the aggressive impact our modern sedentary lifestyles have on our bodies.  You may be comfortable; however, this sedentary life that we all live today creates a lack of mobility and function in fundamental joints in our body such as the hips, shoulders, and ankles which, over time, loose function and mobility due to our modern lives.

With that said, over time we lose more function and mobility and, in return, gain pain and discomfort. As we lose this function in these critical joints and locations in the body we begin to have to put out more energy to adapt to a body that does not function at its full potential. Isn’t that what we all want, more energy, less pain? Kaiut Yoga can offer that for you. A body that moves with ease ages with grace.

Have you ever felt pain in your spine from sitting for a long time? Or swelling in the legs, knee pains coming from work in today’s world?

To solve the problems life presents the Kaiut Yoga method was born. The method is based on sequences of movements that focus on energy, gravity,  biomechanical and physiological principles, which are customized and taught particularly for each student. The priority is to eliminate restrictions in the joints which reduce mobility and overtime create blockages in movement, leading to an over expenditure of energy and rapid aging of the joints, which leads to diseases like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The inactivity and under usage of the joints caused by our modern lives can produce tragic results for the body and the nervous system, but there is a solution for this modern disease which we all suffer from called sitting. The solution is Kaiut Yoga, because it will give your joint the mobility they once had to increase your potential for movement and completely change your relationship with pain.  These results are visible during the first couple of weeks of class. This method comes with the intention of using the body as a tool to slow aging, by uniting the mind and body for the development of a better, more energetic and productive life.

“Reaching what was once unreachable”

Through the western expansion of yoga, many pieces of this brilliant work have been misunderstood and misinterpreted. These misinterpretations have led most people to believe that yoga has to be something spiritual, or something active to tone your six pack abs. In reality, yoga was created as a tool during the agricultural revolution to aid in the specialization of the human body and brain.

The underlying purpose is to work with the body to achieve a state of meditation, which creates a greater sense of presence in the mind and a body that moves with a greater sense of ease and function.  During this moment in time, humans are more specialized than ever before. At Kaiut Yoga, the creator of the method Francisco Kaiut has taken this idea and applied it to our modern world using this ancient platform of yoga.

Therefore, Kaiut Yoga breaks free from yoga’s typical stereotypes and goes back to the basics, which is all about educating the nervous system (body and mind) to adapt to its surroundings. The Kaiut method will help you adapt to the hustle of the modern world and keep you doing what you love as long as you’re alive.


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