What are the benefits of yoga for the joints?

The osteoarticular structure is essential for the promotion of health as a whole

The constant pain in the joints, capable of stop certain movements and complicate daily activities, is one of the biggest problems in the modern world. Jobs that require work in one position for a long time have a major impact on these spots, in addition to premature bone aging.

Science is beginning to present concrete studies on the benefit of yoga in the area of ​​health, especially on the joints. Practicing any type of exercise is an excellent alternative to avoid wear in the cartilages of the body. When we look at this point, we realize how yoga can become a strong ally in the fight against complications in the osteoarticular system.

I have problems in the knees. How can I start practicing yoga?

Joint injuries – acute or chronic – are common in the knees. Because it is a sensitive area, these problems can significantly affect normal daily activities, since the region plays a key role in human mobility. 

The care of a specialist is essential. At Kaiut Yoga, you will find professionals with vast knowledge and experience who will do their best job with your restraint.

I spend most of the day sitting and have a lot of back pain. Can yoga help me?

Yes! Your stagnant flow of energy will flow through your body, providing a sense of relief in tense areas such as the spine. Yoga will build strong joints and balance them with gaining mobility. Your intervertebral discs will become healthier by improving the posture, preventing hernias and nerve compression.

Cartilage is indispensable for any joint. Without it, the friction increases and can reach the bones, and then heavy pain can grow more and more.

Use yoga in your favor and take care of your body! With regular and correct practices, your health will strengthen and you will thank you for being part of this incredible methodology.

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