We Don’t Have To Be Broken

I had only very recently started doing any type of yoga and found The Kaiut Method serendipitously while on vacation in Boulder only two months into my yoga practice, so thankfully I’ve not had to unlearn a lifetime of injurious behaviour. What I have had to unlearn, however, was the misperception that I have to be broken.

As one who has to deal with the daily challenges of old injuries and chronic autoimmune disease, I battle with a sort of unhealthy self talk that’s a snap to slip into. It’s very easy to wake up and to simply say to myself “I can no longer do this or that, because I have a disc herniation” or “MS took away full use of that part of my body so I won’t ever be able to move or perform in the same way as I used to.”  Unfortunately, it’s also completely acceptable in today’s society to succumb to physical decline, allowing our bodies to progressively stop performing to their greatest possible potential simply due to age.

Self talk – those things we tell ourselves both consciously and unconsciously – can really impact how we feel from day to day. It can also totally get in the way of the much healthier conversation we can and should be having with ourselves.

Francisco Kaiut and his yoga method have shown me a way to reopen a healthy dialogue with those parts of me that have been long ignored, misused, or neglected due to a lifetime of injuries, repetitive stress, and more recently chronic illness.  This healthier conversation isn’t always easy – poses can be very challenging and may even be painful at times; but, just as in everyday life, if you simply ignore an uncomfortable situation, relationship, or conversation, healing will never take place and the situation will progressively worsen. Only by facing these difficult situations and moving through the adjacent restrictions can we ever really approach healing and touch that “Golden Layer.”

The Kaiut Method has not only offered me the opportunity to get reacquainted with these injured and ignored parts of myself, but it has also opened up a world of wonderful people to meet and beautiful places to visit, and most of all it has provided a supportive and nurturing community of positively-focused individuals. A zillion thank you’s are owed to Francisco, Yvonne, Susie, and of course all my fellow teacher-trainees: your guidance, friendship, generosity of spirit, and acceptance mean the world to me, and I feel blessed that we have had the fortune to cross paths.


Margie Bertram, Teacher In Training, Tallahassee Florida USA

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