The Body As A Map Of Our Emotional History

I was introduced to Kaiut Yoga from a distance.

Let me explain.

After the 2016 election in the USA, voters who had not voted for Trump, were on edge.   We were all devastated but I was particularly concerned for one of my dearest friends.  I remember telling her to be careful because she could have a heart attack or another serious physical manifestation because of the stress.

Fast forward post-election and inauguration and I’m on the phone with my friend and she seemed chipper and lighter.

I was curious.

Our conversation dialled into her new yoga practice called Kaiut Yoga.  I am a yoga enthusiast but I had never heard of Kaiut. She confidently explained that practicing Kaiut was changing her life.  She was, let’s say, mildly addicted. She felt grounded, less triggered.

Let me share how and where I met my friend.

In 2000, I was in a pediatrician’s office in Sao Paulo, Brazil with my three little girls to meet our new pediatrician.   My to-be friend was also in the waiting room with her two cute little girls. They were all of similar ages and equally curious about one another… as was the case for moms and daughters alike.  We had recently moved to Brazil and they had been there for over a year. We all became fast friends and have grown in our appreciation of each other over the last 18 years.

So, you can imagine my fascination when I learned that Kaiut originated in Brazil.

Over the course of a few months, I witnessed how Kaiut transformed my friend.  I wanted to know more and she was enthusiastic about introducing me to the practice.  Later in the year I visited her in Boulder, which happens to be the epicenter of Kaiut in the USA, and we went to a class.

Admittedly, I was uncomfortable and slightly intimidated.  The practice was very different; there was little movement in comparison to my Vinyasa flow class and it was WAY more challenging.  I had to direct my attention to be fully present because I could feel my hips wanting to flee.

I was pleasantly surprised by how energized I felt after the practice and my curiosity was further piqued.   What was this yoga practice that apparently changed my friend’s life and why did I suddenly feel personally attracted to it?

When my friend called and invited me to fill a vacancy that had opened for a Kaiut retreat in Costa Rica, I leapt at the opportunity.  After that one week practicing Kaiut Yoga twice a day in Costa Rica, I was hooked!

There was one major hurdle however -I lived in Chicago and Kaiut was not yet offered in the Windy City.

Upon my return, I immediately tried to make contact with Kaiut Yoga International to put Chicago on their vision board!  I soon realized if I wanted Kaiut in Chicago, I needed to be trained and that’s how I ended up at the Kaiut Teacher Training in Telluride, Colorado.

One of the truths that struck me at the training was how the method of Kaiut is the final tool for my work as a Life Coach.  My work over the past ten years has been using holistic healing practices and modalities to set clients free from the emotional entanglements of past experiences.  The body as a map of everything that has ever happened to us was a theory I believed.  I could teach my clients how to tap into their body language, and I could teach practices to fuel their bodies; but I did not have a specific tool that facilitated the release of trauma manifesting as constriction in the body.   I now recognize Kaiut as that tool.

And now I’m delighted to share that the first Kaiut Yoga Workshop will be held in Chicago in April 2019. I will be #kaiutlonelyinChicago no longer!


Dana Frost, Kaiut Teacher-In-Training, Chicago IL USA

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