The Benefits of the Kaiut Method During Pregnancy

We talked to Thais O’Reilly, an expectant mother and Kaiut practitioner, about the benefits of the method for pregnant women. Check out her story!

Yoga + pregnancy = a peaceful gestation

A practitioner of the Kaiut method for about ten years, 40-year-old public servant Thais O’Reilly Mattioli is a great example of how both yoga and the Kaiut method generate positive effects for people with different life experiences. At eight months pregnant, Thais says the Kaiut method is a determining factor in her experiencing a healthy pregnancy.

“I notice a lot of back pain when I don’t practice. But usually Kaiut Yoga has a positive influence on my anxiety, breathing, posture, and overall well-being. It’s really good. I was already practicing the method before becoming pregnant. I’m eight months pregnant now and I don’t experience muscle cramps or backaches.”

Thais says this is not the first time she has used yoga and the Kaiut method during pregnancy. “In my first pregnancy I also practiced yoga and it helped me a lot. I was able to practice until the last four days before my daughter was born,” recalls O’Reilly.

While the Kaiut method can help alleviate pain during pregnancy, according to Thais, practicing the method can also facilitate a positive childbirth experience. “The method helps my body to be prepared for labor, not only by improving my respiration but also by stretching the pelvic region. My practice helps me feel more comfortable and flexible, and ready for a healthy and natural childbirth.”

Comfort first

To Thais, the main difference between the Kaiut method and other types of yoga is that it puts people and their bodies before anything else.

“I think some yoga methods are just for Instagram. The pose is valorized for complexity rather than for comfort. With Kaiut, well-being and respect for the body structure come first in the practice. It is long-term thinking that helps you achieve comfort in everyday life, and the practice demonstrates you how you can age gently, with improved heath, increased mobility, and much less pain. It really is yoga for everyone,” concludes Thais.

The Kaiut method is intended for all body types and profiles. Come try a complimentary class and change your life!

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