Rethinking nature

Hi. It’s Francisco here.

I’m traveling a lot right now teaching across Brazil, Canada, the US, and Europe and as is often the case, my students have been asking me how I am able to handle this amount of traveling and teaching.

My most common answer is that I am just crazy about what I do. While it is sometimes quite strenuous and exhausting, it is only so in the physical sense. I never find myself feeling emotionally, energetically, or spiritually depleted. Let me explain.

Just last week I was closing the teacher training in the amazing city of Toronto, Canada. I was super pleased with the training and many of my students shared with me how impactful the experience was for them as well. As we shared this experience, I realized that there we were in a big city, with all the challenges of a big city, and yet at the same time we were together embracing nature – not the nature of mountains or forests – but the nature of a city environment and the nature within each of us. Instead of seeing the fact that we were in a city environment as a problem, we were embracing it as a source of energy. Instead of being depleted by the experience, we felt renewed.

Then, with only 2 days of travel in between, I was suddenly leading a teacher training in the countryside of the south of Brazil. The environment could not have been more different to that of my recent Toronto experience – the language, culture, food, my bed, everything. I was teaching in the woods and showering under a waterfall. Not only was it an extreme pendulum swing but I was in what we often call real nature.

What this gave me was the perfect opportunity to see and to understand that, while recharging is definitely necessary for all of us, we can recharge anywhere.

Being in the woods doesn’t mean we are more in nature than when we are in a big city. We carry nature inside of us wherever we go. We are nature. It’s just a matter of seeing, understanding, and embracing this new reality, this new nature, that allows us to truly absorb the flow – the flow of life in and around us, the flow of nature in and around us. Always. Wherever we are. Not seeing a big city as a source of separation but instead as a union. Not seeing the woods as a source of separation but also a source of union. And seeing ourselves as our main source of nature, accepting whatever environment we are in as a powerful healing tool.

Now, after just a few days in Brazil, I’m back to North America again – this time in Telluride, Colorado and enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains from the Kaiut Yoga studio. And I feel as at home as I did in Brazil. I am feeling very much like I am home wherever I go.

It is not a change in environment that we need to recharge, it is a change in how we see the environment we’re in. The nature we seek is our nature.


Francisco Kaiut, Creator of the Kaiut Yoga method

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