Kaiut Yoga sponsors TEDx Porto Alegre

In order to spread ideas, TEDx brings together people to share experiences

We know better than anyone that there are ideas that deserve and need to be disclosed. TEDx is a program that brings together people to share experiences enriching their lives. On May 18th, TEDx Laçador Porto Alegre will take place with the theme “À Flor da Pele”.

The event promotes discussions and connections in a small group, with the purpose of promoting the exchange of information and experiences. Last year, Francisco Kaiut was present at the event as one of the speakers talking about the importance of silence for self-knowledge and this has made Kaiut value even more the event, becoming one of the sponsors of TEDx Laçador this year.

What is TED?

TED is a non-profit organization with the spirit of promoting ideas that deserve to be scattered. The project began with a four-day conference in California 30 years ago and has today grown to support ideas that change the world through innumerable initiatives.

At TED, thinkers and filmmakers from around the world are invited to give lectures on their lives in up to 18 minutes. TEDx works in a similar way, being a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share their stories.

TEDx Porto Alegre

TEDx Porto Alegre took place at the Marist Social Center of Porto Alegre – Cesmar. It was a full day of diverse lectures, in which participants are invited to listen, share, interact and learn..

The speakers

Were will be 19 participants who will share their experiences. They are:

– Winnie Good

– Rene Silva

– Reinaldo Bulgarelli

– Rafa Rafugi

– Small House Orchestra of the Child

– Morena Mariah

– Maria Vitória Valoto

– Mari Cogswell

– Lucia Pellanda

– Larisse Moraes

– Jorge Audy

– Jeni Shih

– Gabriela Loran

– Fernanda Vial Costa

– Crystal

– Carol Santos

– Anaadi

– Adriana Garcia

– Ad Junior

To check all the stories of the speakers, access the Facebook of the TEDxLaçador

Kaiut Yoga must have sponsored this amazing event that unites striking stories with amazing moments.

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