Kaiut Yoga Is Full Of Surprises

Telluride, Colorado is one of the most incredible places you’ll ever explore. Mountains and the mesmerizing leaves of Aspen trees are everywhere you look. Playful pups splashing in cool, trickling streams alongside the walking trails are a pleasure to watch. Waterfalls, meadows, and lakes are hidden like gems on hiking paths. Clear nights filled with stars brighten the sky. Bright lights showcase the main street highlighting restaurants, apothecaries, people, and fun. Something special connects everything here.

If you’ve never been, you don’t know this. How could you? How could you really know?

I didn’t.

One sunny day in July 2017, Yvonne Mosser’s Kaiut Yoga classes in Telluride came highly recommended. “You have to check this class out! Yvonne teaches 10 classes a week and they are all full.” As a recent yoga teacher graduate, I had to find out what she was doing so I could fill my own classes! Sure enough, the class I went to was full. There were at least 40 people in class from 16 to 70 years old. What I found was not what I expected. I had never been to a Kaiut Yoga class. So, I couldn’t have known.

The first thing Yvonne said was, “Lie on your mat, bolster under your head, soles of your feet on the mat, and knees pointing up toward the ceiling.” I thought,  “Wow! This is nice. We get to rest!” Over the next few poses, Yvonne said, “Keep the bolster under your hands, reach your arms back along the floor, and straighten your elbows.” Now, there were MANY thoughts going through my head, “What??!!, Why can’t I do this?! Why aren’t my elbows straight? Why don’t my arms touch the floor? This is why I can’t reach my arms toward the ceiling in a “flow” yoga class!, Why haven’t I ever seen this pose?” As the minutes in the pose increased, I started FEELING the pose. My thoughts stopped without effort. I was feeling and experiencing my body in a new way. All within a system that was calm, unhurried, and quiet.

As a former springboard diver, this pose spoke to me. Well executed dives are judged equally for aesthetics and technical completion. Clean alignment, from the tips of the toes to clasped hands upon entry score, the best points. So a few things became clear to me through this pose, “I have either lost or never had full mobility for a perfect splash-less dive. I don’t currently have the range of motion in my shoulders to stand in a “flow” yoga class with my hands over my head.” And, finally and perhaps most importantly, “There is hope. I can actually feel my shoulders release as gravity and a sense of calm access a very different part of me.” The intelligence of my own system.

I expected to find entertainment, exhaustion, and fun in Yvonne’s class. Instead, I found my own physical reality, a place beyond my personality, and hope. Something special connected every part of me. That “thing” knows what I need to heal, increase mobility, and reach my potential. And, Yes! I do want to still have the ability to blow-dry my hair and put the dishes away on the top shelf as I continue to age.

And so it is. Iff you have never been to Telluride, or the intelligence in you behind your own personality, you will never know that both are worthy places to spend some time.

Renae Molden, Kaiut Yoga Teacher-in-Training

Austin, Texas, USA

P.S. After practicing The Kaiut Method regularly for 7 months now, my arms have found the floor and I can straighten my elbows. Working within a calm nervous system is an effective way to increase mobility, heal, and work through trauma. It makes sense and yet I have never seen yoga practiced in this way in any other method.

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