Kaiut Yoga Helps With Multiple Sclerosis Treatment 

Chronic and autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis attacks the neurons, compromising the function of the nervous system

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord (central nervous system), whether for genetic or environmental reasons. This is because the patient’s immune system confuses some healthy cells as “intrusive” and begins to attack the myelin sheath (the wrap around axons), which covers the neurons and compromises all the functionality of the nervous system.

One of the most striking features of sclerosis is the unpredictability of outbreaks. In general, the disease affects young people, with no definite cause, with prevalence in women and individuals with white skin, residents of temperate zones.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis

The onset of the disease is extremely subtle. Transient symptoms occur at any time, bothering for about a week. Such manifestations, like blurred vision or changes in urine control, may go undetected.

After that, things get worse: sensory, motor and cerebellar symptoms of greater magnitude are represented by weakness, numbness and tingling in the body, besides diplopia (double vision) or prolonged visual loss, unbalance and uncontrolled sphincters.

Treatment through Kaiut Yoga

The practice of physical activities is a strong ally to reduce the impacts of this disease on the body. The Kaiut Yoga method presents itself as a great complementary treatment option that has aided our students with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. “Yoga helps me to perceive and work on other muscles, compensating for the lack of strength of the weak ones,” says Claudia Viegas, a computer engineer, and practitioner of the Kaiut method, diagnosed with the disease.

This Yoga Method created by Francisco Kaiut seeks the natural potential of the individual. Therefore, our students receive exercises that aim to improve balance, motor coordination, and movements.

“For me, the yoga class is totally different from the other students. Fortunately, I have this help, the method of Francisco is sensational. Every class is a new challenge,” says Claudia. According to her, teachers offer special attention but always do their best to maintain the natural flow of the class. “Balancing exercises are more difficult, but I have joint mobility, which makes it easier on other things,” says Claudia.

Yoga helps as a whole. She tells us that she feels positive progress towards her treatment, both physical and mental. The yoga calms, teaches you how to take care of the body, reduces stress and stimulates a healthier diet, bringing innumerable benefits, especially to those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

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