Kaiut Experts: Benefits of Kaiut Yoga for Athletes

Kaiut method teacher Naudé Prates explains what the method provides for athletes

In this part of our conversation, our interviewee, Professor Naudé Prates, spoke a little about the benefits of the Kaiut Yoga method for athletes. Naudé talks about the importance of this activity for athletic performance and overall athlete health:

Why are athletes interested in the Kaiut Yoga method?

According to Naudé Prates, tennis players and swimmers pursue Kaiut Yoga for three reasons: they want to avoid injury, improve their concentration, and better understand their body systems.

“Tennis players understand that the difference in their matches can be, first and foremost, control in the mind. Swimmers require this mental control as well as control of breath and of course joint mobility. Kaiut Yoga helps athletes have better body perception and a better understanding of the details in their performances that make the difference for a good race or match,” says Prates.

Naudé points out that when an athlete has little awareness or proper knowledge of the functional patterns of their body, there is a risk that some parts of the body will be overloaded or even underused, compromising an effective practice or competition in their sport.

“In every meditative process (inside or outside of yoga), the essential thing is to cultivate an individual awareness ever more present in mind, body, mental, and nervous system patterns,” concludes Prates.

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