Francisco’s on his way to NYC in 2020

The Kaiut Yoga Workshop at Tibet House, New York City

Francisco Kaiut is going to New York in 2020 to teach a Kaiut Yoga Workshop.

On November 3rd, Chelli Devadut hosted a Kaiut Yoga event at the Tibet House in New York.

Read Chelli’s whole story below:

After spending a year and a half teaching KY in Morningside Heights in NYC, I decided it was time to bring Francisco Kaiut to New York City. My student-friends, Ellen Wolf and Gita Julianna,advised me to first have a workshop at which I could teach with two of my KY teacher colleagues, Kelly Childs and Julia O’Shea. We planned the Workshop meticulously and were guided in the content of the classes by Francisco. The workshop was held at the stunning gallery at the Tibet House in Chelsea on Sunday November 3rd. Over 50 people, a number of New Yorkers who had taken classes with me and the students of other Kaiut Yoga teachers in the east coast, attended this workshop. The workshop was a resounding success and we immediately confirmed dates for Living the Method Workshop that will be taught by Francisco Kaiut. Francisco has agreed to teach two consecutive weekends, April 2-26 and May 1-3, 2020 at Tibet House.

Why Kaiut Yoga
The best way to explain why I think it is important, even critical, to bring the Kaiut Yoga Method to New York City is to tell my story about how I came to the practice.

Learning To See With My Body
When I was a young adult I practiced various yoga methods. Yoga was wonderful, an enjoyable form of exercise and body movement. I learned to perform beautiful poses, sometimes to lovely music. And, of course, all this was under the guise of a spiritual experience.

I often injured myself and had to stop. However, I was young, my injuries healed quickly, and I went looking for and found yet another yoga method. Little did I understand that the poses I had mastered would not help me sustain mobility and functionality as my body started aging. The beautiful flow from one pose to another was not helping my joints to cope with the changes my aging body was going through. When I developed a vision impairment, I stopped my yoga practice entirely.

A few years after I stopped the practice of yoga, a friend in Boulder who knew how much I loved yoga recommended Kaiut Yoga. I was totally hooked after attending four class sessions. All I understood at the time was that the Kaiut Yoga poses were mostly doable because they did not require working against gravity. I gradually understood progressing in the method would require reorientation and retraining my mind to patiently, methodically identify where in my body, my joints, I had limited range of motion. The essence of the poses designed by Francisco Kaiut is to go into restrictions in my joints that limited mobility gently, mindfully with great kindness. I learned to stay in a pose and listen to my body’s cues and rhythm for clues on when to demand more from a particular joint.

Not only was I noticing the changes in my mobility, my balance, my ability to adapt to unexpected events, so did my family and friends. I stopped taking regular spills on the often hazardous sidewalks of NYC and more mysteriously, I had a sense of well being that felt a bit dream like. Afterall, I was still virtually blind in one eye which affected my depth perception. Then one day while in a workshop with my teacher I had the “Ah-Ha” moment. Francisco had taught me to see with my body. What I couldn’t achieve with my eyes, I was able to achieve by training the joints in my ankles, my knees, my hips, my spine, my shoulders and neck to give me more mobility to serve me well when I most needed them to adapt and respond to unanticipated changes in my environment. I had gradually gone from practicing in the studio, in my home to functioning optimally on the city’s streets and in the world.

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