Changing The Next 10 Years

I’m 84 years old and I took the Kaiut Teacher Training two weeks ago. Now I’m thinking of a new schedule for my life. I have started to do my yoga every morning and it is taking me about an hour, starting with my legs up on the wall as my warm up.

It is amazing that my circulation is much improved. I am naturally breathing deeper and my internal organs seem to be more content. The rigidity is slowly becoming less and less in my back. I can stand straighter and it is nice to see the environment I’m in from a more upright viewpoint. I still have the back pain but the rigid back muscles are no longer as rigid so the pressure is less and it takes stress off of my body.
Currently, my goal is to recopy my notes from the training and practice the sequences presented in the book. If I am unable to do a certain position, I am trying to figure out the step before the final step. I will practice teaching my neighbour but need to have this program more in my head before I go further.

I would not have been able to tell you the change in my body that the training has done for me. My stress level is so much lower due to less pain in my back. I’m standing taller, breathing deeper and walking easier and my internal system is functioning better. I did not realize this until this week. The Sunday group that meets at Panera told me that I look terrific. I thanked them and came home and looked in the mirror and saw that my face didn’t look strained. My body and brain are really working together and it will make the years ahead much more enjoyable, day by day.

My next 10 years be different. Or maybe those 10 years will be 15… 20…


Sondra, Kaiut Teacher-in-Training, Altanta Georgia USA

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