Why is the Kaiut Yoga method different?

Teacher Joyce Rzeznik tells how the Kaiut Yoga method helps to recover the movement and function of each body joint What makes the Kaiut Yoga method so special? The answer depends on each student and teacher. Each individual has a different experience with the method and the benefits the practice brings to their lives. For … Read more

Kaiut Experts: Benefits of Kaiut Yoga for Athletes

Kaiut method teacher Naudé Prates explains what the method provides for athletes In this part of our conversation, our interviewee, Professor Naudé Prates, spoke a little about the benefits of the Kaiut Yoga method for athletes. Naudé talks about the importance of this activity for athletic performance and overall athlete health: Why are athletes interested … Read more

Kaiut Yoga Helps With Multiple Sclerosis Treatment 

Chronic and autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis attacks the neurons, compromising the function of the nervous system Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord (central nervous system), whether for genetic or environmental reasons. This is because the patient’s immune system confuses some healthy cells as “intrusive” and begins to … Read more

Kaiut Yoga sponsors TEDx Porto Alegre

In order to spread ideas, TEDx brings together people to share experiences We know better than anyone that there are ideas that deserve and need to be disclosed. TEDx is a program that brings together people to share experiences enriching their lives. On May 18th, TEDx Laçador Porto Alegre will take place with the theme … Read more

Study finds that yoga can delay brain aging

Research in partnership with Harvard University highlights the benefits of the activity for cognitive activities Recent research by Brazilian scientists in partnership with Harvard Medical School underscores the incredible benefit that regular yoga practice can bring to our brains, especially by slowing aging and strengthening areas of attention and memory. The study was carried out … Read more