News#10 – What is jointfulness?

Hi In this May newsletter, I decided to talk about a key concept within my work, which perfectly expresses the most essential part of the Kaiut Method: The safe joint stimuli as protagonists of the process of reconnection between body and mind. I named this concept JOINTFULNESS.  For this newsletter, I gathered a lot of … Read more

A new way for spontaneous meditation

Have you heard of mindfulness? It is a concept that has become popular in the last years, as a group of meditation techniques whose goal is to reach a state of full attention in the present. What mindfulness proposes is that people focus on the current time, without losing themselves in the expectations for the … Read more

Yoga and Self-Care

Self-care is taking care of yourself. It seems obvious right? But why do we still need to remember to do something for us, within our daily routine? When we develop self-care techniques, we increase our confidence in ourselves, we work with unconditional acceptance about the people we are and the person we want to become, … Read more

Health Benefits of Sunlight

Marc Sorenson, founder of the Sunlight Institute and a doctor of education, wrote the book “Embrace the Sun”, which reveals why sunlight is fundamental to health and longevity. Although vitamin D supplements obviously have their uses, they do not deliver the  same benefits as exposure to the sun. Many of the benefits of sunlight, such … Read more


Exclusive to “Adventures in History,” Francisco Kaiut explains the benefits of the practice and its growth in the last decades. Published 25/04/2021. An ancient activity dating back over 5 thousand years, yoga unifies physical, mental, and spiritual practices.  In speaking about these practices, Francisco Kaiut is one of the best-known Brazilians, who tells us of … Read more

The positive effects of optimism

It may seem strange to talk about optimism in the midst of the complicated moment we are living in, but perhaps it is exactly the key to improve our perspective and understand our health from another angle. In what ways is optimism related to our health? I recently saw a conversation summarizing research out of … Read more