The positive effects of optimism

It may seem strange to talk about optimism in the midst of the complicated moment we are living in, but perhaps it is exactly the key to improve our perspective and understand our health from another angle. In what ways is optimism related to our health?

I recently saw a conversation summarizing research out of Harvard’s School of Public Health and Center for Health and Happiness. Based on findings from this recent study, it was concluded that optimism is a positive health asset: It may protect us against developing hypertension, and also acts as protection against developing depression, even in the presence of additional risk factors. Some research also suggests that optimism is associated with lower levels of inflammation, and may increase people’s ability to regulate their emotions and behaviors. That’s a lot of benefits from thinking more positively about possible outcomes and the future!

So, for better health it is important to think of ways to improve our ability to be optimistic. While there is no one way that works for everyone, imagining our best self in the future, and remembering that good things are always possible, are two ways to develop a more optimistic way of being! What are some ways you cultivate optimism?

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