The importance of Practicing Silence

Our brain runs several marathons every day, filling us with thoughts, often useless and unproductive. These thoughts can make us worry about the future, or keep thinking about the past, and distract our daily lives, causing stress and disrupting our focus.

Much of the stimulus we receive throughout the day is an extra hustle and bustle that we were not designed to process and maintain. One of the greatest mindfulness experts, Cory Muscara, a former monk, co-presenter of and a psychology instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, presented a research showing that we experience more stimulus in a week than our ancestors have experienced in a lifetime.

Silence then is the reduction of these stimulus, and it gives our nervous system the opportunity to return to balance, to be restarted and not to be caught in a fight, flight or reactivity. For some people, practicing silence can seem daunting, but silencing is much more than we think and its health benefits are immense, because when we rest the brain from processing functions, we help sustain the body’s energy.

Although silence may seem like doing nothing, it is in this ‘nothing’ that we reconnect to our purpose of doing. In addition, silence is a bridge that connects us with our inner self, and having a better connection with our inner self can lead to a better connection with others.

Have you ever stopped to think about it?

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