News#09 – First impressions of the Portuguese Teacher Training 2021

The month of April brought about a very special moment for me. Finally, we started the new Teacher Training for the students in Brazil, in a way that I have never done before. If you’ve known me for a long time, you know how passionate I am about the classroom environment, about teaching, about the opportunity to share and explain all the knowledge that I’ve built up over the years. This year, classrooms are a little different: they are virtual, in our own homes, in a welcoming place like no other. I have to admit, I am super happy with the connection that this format provides, even with the physical distance. Realizing that the quality of interactions, exchanges, and discussions is at a very high level is inspiring and makes me very happy for the future for students and the Kaiut Method.

As a way of recording this moment, I wanted to share with you the first impressions of one of my new students, in addition to my perspectives from the beginning of the program.

Enjoy reading!

Yoga was never part of my life. When I look back, I have no memory of this practice in my family or close friends. Yoga, for me, has always been distant. It didn’t belong and had no place in my routine. I had the single idea that: “Yoga was not for me”.

My approach to the practice started because of my work as a copywriter. In this role, I began to consume a lot of content. Subsequently, I discovered that yoga is much more than positions, mantras, incense, or other incorrect conceptions, which had ultimately shaped my ideas about the practice. I discovered, little by little, that the practice is about restoring health, mobility, and function. Something I had never even imagined existed.

I had the great privilege of having my first experience with yoga through the Kaiut Method. It was a gateway that showed me that I not only knew little about yoga, but the little I knew was completely wrong. Diving into this practice from a therapeutic perspective that focuses on tangible results opened my eyes to the infinite potential available through yoga.

Despite being young (I’m 25), I had never noticed how my body was already experiencing loss of mobility. It didn’t even cross my mind that yoga could really have an effect on these losses. But each day, I begin to see what a powerful tool the practice is.

I decided to enter the Teacher Training Course. At first, I thought I was taking a big leap in the dark. A reasonably new student, I was now in a classroom with seasoned practitioners and teachers. It was intimidating. But I started to see it as a challenge, an opportunity to get to know my real body and give it a different experience. Being there was essentially seeking a safer path for my present self and, especially, my future self.

The first theoretical classes of the course was a total immersion in content. It was very intense, but Francisco led in a natural and didactic way, which held my attention till the end. Being new to yoga, I was struck by how quickly I found myself involved in the subject.

Over the course of the first weekend I realized that what Francisco offers goes far beyond simply teaching yoga and the Kaiut Method. It is deeper and embedded with great intention. Everything Francisco says, each word choice, each categorical statement, each provocation (and there are many!) brought me, and others, into a closer relationship to the practice. More than going to the mat and making a position, Francisco led me to want to know why that position is necessary. Which function it intends to restore in the body. What impact it has on my nervous system. Everything in the method has a purpose; nothing is done by chance. This approach has given me a lot of confidence in the process.

I felt the online classes fly by! The interaction at the end with questions from students was further enriching. With a diverse mix of experienced practitioners, doctors, physical educators, and people who, like me, are starting now, the interactions brought forth many different perspectives and questions.

I heard questions that had not even crossed my mind but made a lot of sense to me and contributed to my comprehension and curiosity about yoga and the method.

Yoga is not something you do; it is something that makes you. Francisco said this in one of the classes, and it was, for me, one of those moments when you can almost feel your head expand to embrace an idea. It gave me a lot of perspective on the practice and how it will transform my life.

Now, having studied the first classes and contemplating everything that still lies ahead, I still find myself making a big leap. But the difference is that now I know that it is not a leap in the dark. It is a leap into knowledge, with great guidance and structure, providing me with everything I need to enjoy the best that yoga practice has to offer me.

It’s so good to see that kind of feedback at the beginning of the program! It shows me that these new professors have a lot of potential and will be successful in their yoga journey and delivering this practice to others. The new online format and the didactic construction allows me to present the content with a quality that was not possible in previous versions of the training. This structure, combined with the refinement in content, has elevated this training to another level.

What I realized during the opening classes was very simple: that students can receive much more via this online medium than they would even in an in-person class. In this virtual space, I can have clear sight and interact with each of my students instantly, and they too can focus and see me clearly at all times. It’s almost like having personal, individual interactions with many students at once. I’ve heard a lot of comments like, “but, the online environment is very difficult for me, I’m not used to it.” And I got proof that it’s not like that! Those who embraced the new training setup and focused on the content saw that the online environment provided much more assimilation. And I saw it happen with students of all ages!

Often we insist on resisting new things, but I was very pleased to see everyone, including people who were not born immersed in this digital world, completely enchanted with our ability to deliver knowledge, interaction, and yoga practice, in an environment that they thought could weaken that process.

This is all just the beginning. We have six months ahead of us, with lots of theory classes, consistent practice, and endless learning!

I will be uploading on my social media the best moments of the first classes of this teacher training in Brazil. I have already talked about the history of yoga, our social evolution and the use of the human body that led me to create the method, what positive stress is and how it can be a great ally in the generation of health. This will give you some glimpse of what we will enter into during the English Program starting in July. I look forward to sharing so much more with you then!

Practice with Inspiration,

Francisco Kaiut.

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