More than 300 trees have been planted because Online School

Autumn tree

Many students have joined the Online School in this short period of time. In return, we took an initiative to mark this important moment in the way we saw the best fit!

We are excited to share that we recently established a partnership with the Portuguese NGO Plantar Uma Árvore, which has been working in this area since 2009 and specializes in the planting and care of trees. With every donation, the NGO plants a tree and takes care of it for 5 years. 

We chose to work with this specific NGO because their values and initiatives are in line with ours. In partnership with Plantar Uma Árvore, we share the goal in the reduction of environmental damage, the generation and recovery of natural spaces, and the promotion of biodiversity, ecological functions, through the restoration of native forests.  

Here’s what the NGO is all about: 

The project started its adventure on the morning of November 23, 2009, in the Parque Florestal de Monsanto, in Lisbon, Portugal where they  gathered family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances, with the aim of planting 1,000 trees, under the motto 1 Person 1 Tree.

The success was enormous and the request and the desire to do more emerged. It was a simple idea that could captivate many others. The challenge was to involve entities and citizens, who were asked for mobilization, participation and a positive and ecological civic attitude, in defense of the native forest, soon they realized that the  model was simple to implement and replicate.

On April 25, 2012, the movement was constituted as an association. Maintaining the utopia that was at its origin as a dream: to provide the opportunity for each person to plant and care for a tree a year, so that this program could serve as a model for the world.

The association develops and implements voluntary programs, of short and long duration. The programs have been put in place for the recovery of ecologically degraded areas through the restoration of native forests and native species, involving the community, organizing initiatives that allow the involvement of society.

These initiatives seek to enhance the natural heritage, reduce environmental damage, generate and recover natural spaces, promote biodiversity and restore ecological functions, through the restoration of native forests, actively promoting, across the board, ecological sustainability, ecological awareness, participatory citizenship and social and environmental responsibility.

The implementation of these initiatives allows the generation of environmental, social and economic gains, generating synergies that contribute to a paradigm shift. With the transition to a social and environmental economy based on the restoration of ecologically degraded areas, the restoration of ecosystem services and the ecological enhancement sustainable use of natural resources, with the resulting generation of green jobs and high value-added products and services.

The native forest guarantees a great diversity of ecosystem services, such as the control of soil erosion, water regulation and water filtration, the recycling of nutrients, the formation of soil, the sequestration of carbon, the filtration of air pollutants, climate softening, production of raw materials, reduction of the risk of fires and floods, greater resilience to fires, as well as improving the quality of life of people, contributing to their health, to balance and even for economic vitality.

The importance of native plant species comes from their adequate environmental behavior, in terms of protection and recovery of biodiversity and ecological systems, combined with their ecological sustainability.

The restoration of forests, the promotion of biodiversity and the diversification of habitats, also make it possible to strengthen ecosystems and their resilience to climate change.

The OGN acts knowing that a positive and interventional individual ecological attitude is the essence of global change.

With each subscription to the Online School, we will plant a tree.

And the partnership is already making a difference in the environment. Today, there are already more than 300 signatures on the Online School and 300 trees planted. Come and change the world with us!

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