Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training!

We are so excited with our upcoming Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training and about how much this course is like a big door for the future!

As a specialist of a therapeutic yoga method that already helped thousands of people around the world, you can share your knowledge with others, helping them heal and improve their life and well-being while transforming your lifestyle into a profitable and high-impact profession.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of Yoga to take our new Teacher Training. Our masterclass lectures will provide you with all the theoretical content you need to inform your teaching. We move through the history of yoga to the ways yoga is presented today, from ancient texts to looking at yoga through the lens of modern science. 

The course will be completely online so the classes can be taken any time and you can learn at your own pace. In addition to all the tools and support materials that we provide, you will become part of the Kaiut Yoga community, with access to our student groups and consultancy from our teachers. And, let’s not forget, you will have daily contact with the creator of the method!

We also offer our students an international yoga certification, declaring your skills as a Yoga educator and allowing you to take the Kaiut Yoga Method to the whole world, spreading the lifestyle that the world needs!

More than 1,000 people already became certified Kaiut Yoga teachers. Now it’s your turn to give a whole new meaning to your life! Click on the button below to learn more: 


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