Introduction to breath

A lot of people ask me how I approach the use of breathing in my practice. Almost everyone who has studied with me knows that I am very careful about introducing the idea of ​​breathing to the regular student. I think there is a way to introduce breathing to my teachers, but still very carefully.

There is a way to approach this topic, but it needs some care. The approach for the regular student is different from the approach for the teacher, and it is very important for the person to understand how this is going to happen and the timing of introducing these new ideas. This is a very old and very consistent theory, because of everything I’ve seen mainly in the United States and Europe in people doing breathing practices for many years.

Breathing is a very powerful resource, very misunderstood, but it has a huge potential to add results in sleep quality, mood, mental clarity and in amazing places! I’m producing a series of content where I’m going to present to you all these techniques and theories, and everything I think and believe is different from everything I’ve seen and studied in yoga so far, and tends to be very different than the universe of yoga has done in recent decades.

There are many things that we can recover in the old techniques, a step by step of simple things that can be used in everyday life, and that will directly impact your sleep, how you wake up, your mood and energy. These are simple techniques to quickly regulate your nervous system. Keep an eye out here!

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