Health Benefits of Sunlight

Marc Sorenson, founder of the Sunlight Institute and a doctor of education, wrote the book “Embrace the Sun”, which reveals why sunlight is fundamental to health and longevity. Although vitamin D supplements obviously have their uses, they do not deliver the  same benefits as exposure to the sun.

Many of the benefits of sunlight, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, are associated with the ability to increase the production of nitric oxide in your body, responsible for increasing blood flow, the speed of muscle gain, and prevention of muscle fatigue. In addition to actually decreasing the risk of several types of cancer, including melanoma, exposure to the sun also radically decreases the risk of autoimmune diseases.

It is very important to understand that our body was designed to benefit from exposure to the sun, and if you are diabetic or have heart disease, this may be one of the factors missing from your life. Avoiding the sun also increases the risk of internal cancer, along with a long list of chronic diseases, whose mortality rates are much more alarming than those of melanoma. Sorensen states that for every death due to excessive exposure to the sun, there are 328 deaths from sun deprivation.

All plants and animals know exactly how beneficial the sun is to them. Human skin is not protected from sunlight by the hair in the way that other animals are, but instead, human skin is incredibly complex and has developed new ways to protect itself from solar radiation. What is your relationship with the sun?

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