10 Habits that promote Happiness

We often place happiness as a future goal, hoping to achieve it when we have something we want. However, true, lasting happiness does not come from outside, it comes from inside. That’s why, if you really want to be happy, you need to work on yourself, first. It is not always easy, but you can choose to be happy, and in most circumstances there is no one who can stop you from doing this except yourself. There are some habits that can help us improve the ability to feel happy, here are some of them:

  1. Identify what makes you happy! The first step is to reflect on what gives you joy.
  2. Enjoy moments of pleasure. You may be surprised to see how much happiness you have in your daily life. Try to enjoy the smell of coffee, enjoy the feeling of the soft bed or enjoy the sunrise before starting your day.
  3. Be kind. Simple gestures of kindness are contagious and tend to make everyone involved feel good.
  4. Don’t stress about things that are not important.
  5. Spend more time outdoors. Periodic exposure to sunlight helps to improve mood and energy by releasing endorphins.
  6. Prioritize experiences, not things.
  7. Live in the present. Avoid spending time remembering negative events or worrying about the future, just savor what is happening in your life now.
  8. Seek to have positive thoughts and look on the bright side of things.
  9. Accept what cannot be changed. Everything in your life is not going to be perfect, and there is no problem with that.
  10. Express gratitude for what you have. People who are grateful have more positive emotions and are better able to achieve their goals.

Let’s practice?

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