Kaiut Yoga receives seal of the Goals for Life Program

Within Kaiut Yoga schools, we believe that students are our priority, and that they should be treated with respect and integrity at all times. In addition to our physical spaces and online classes, we seek to extend the same care and concern to the rest of society. We firmly believe that, in order to build … Read more

Blood flow and yoga

Yoga is an incredible resource to increase blood flow and gain better circulation.In my 30+ years of experience working with yoga and people suffering from pain, it’s become clear that yoga is an incredibly therapeutic tool that can help increase blood flow and in turn quality of life. I personally have seen many of my … Read more

Let’s come together as a Community!

Dear community, All of us at Kaiut Yoga are working to provide loving care and support for all of our students, teachers, and event participants. We understand that many of you are experiencing losses or encountering the anxieties that come along with these trying times.  At this time, the safest and most responsible thing is … Read more

Event Calendar 2020

For 2020 we designed a beautiful event calendar so all of our communities, teachers and students could be closer to me and the new findings and developments of the method.     Already on sale!   Teacher Trainings Jan 10th – Teacher Training – The Concept | Boulder – CO, USA Jan 31st – Teacher … Read more

What is neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is defined as the brain’s ability to continually reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Therefore, neuroplasticity essentially means the brain is in a constant state of learning. Yet the brain is neutral to all stimulus so the brain doesn’t know the difference between positive neuroplasticity or negative neuroplasticity. It just follows … Read more

Why is the Kaiut Yoga method different?

Teacher Joyce Rzeznik tells how the Kaiut Yoga method helps to recover the movement and function of each body joint What makes the Kaiut Yoga method so special? The answer depends on each student and teacher. Each individual has a different experience with the method and the benefits the practice brings to their lives. For … Read more