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Francisco Kaiut

Francisco Kaiut is a yoga teacher, chiropractor and natural therapist that dedicated his life to finding a simple and easy approach to manage the discomforts and anxiety of our current lifestyle. This search resulted in the creation of the Kaiut Yoga Method, a modern approach to yoga that will make you live longer and healthier.

Kaiut Yoga Lifelong Learning Institute

An institute focused on forming certified teachers in the Kaiut Yoga Method, expanding the reach of our therapeutic method and always sharing health and well-being. For 35 years, Kaiut Yoga has been improving and evolving, which has led us to the birth of this evolution in yoga teaching.

Mission: Yoga being the number 1 resource for longevity and well-being worldwide.

Vision: Yoga being as natural as brushing our teeth. 

Values: Longevity, sustainability, diversity, simplicity, kindness, excellence, and consistency.

Coaching Programs

Personal Practice:

  • The 31-Day Online Kaiut Yoga Coaching Program with Francisco is a full online immersion in the practice of this method. This experience will give you theoretical and technical understanding of the method so you know how to approach your practice in the short, medium, and long-term. You will have the chance to have ONE on ONE contact with Francisco, engage with a community of practitioners, and many other experiences over the course of an entire month. 


  • Keep evolving as a teacher and continue to provide the guidance that your students need. During this month-long program, you will get ONE-ON-ONE teaching guidance and coaching from Francisco Kaiut. He will provide simple class-byclass direction to help you increase your effectiveness as a teacher.

The best and most Innovative Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training Course

Teacher Training Course

  • Permanent access to the course;
  • Daily contact with Francisco, the creator of the method;
  • Weekly lectures with theoretical content;
  • Daily practical classes;
  • Lectures with senior teachers of the method;
  • Connection with a worldwide community of teachers;
  • Lifetime online access to all course recordings and content
  • Gain International certification as a Kaiut Yoga teacher.


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